• GEN4ALL终于出来了!!!

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    From the creators of Gens and Neo4All comes... Gens4All!!

    I am proud to announce the first release of the excellent Gens emulator to the Dreamcast. Chui, Stef and I have been working on this port about a year and a lot of assembly code had been translated into C. It is been a great effort but i really think it is worth it. At last, you can see all our finest in one shot.
    The project is intented to bring high quality genesis emulation to the DC, not to mention game compatibility.

    At the moment, this alpha version features the following:
    - Two SH4 assembly engines especially design for the DC.(两个为DC优化的SH4汇编核心)
    * FAME: Very fast M68000 emulation core written 100% in SH-4 assembly .........


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